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Power Generation

GT Exhaust specializes in producing both standard and custom units, working to meet any space or regulatory specifications required.

Cat Cay Power Plant
With the facility generating a great deal of power in such a small area, the Cat Cay power plant required a tremendously eective sound attenuation solution...Find out how GT Exhaust delivered
Chemical Company
With the customer’s campus located just on the opposite side of the fence from a residential area, one of its most important goals was to proactively keep equipment and engine noise to a minimum, preserving the sereneness of the community...Find out how GT Exhaust delivered
Downtown Data Center
While companies in downtown Seattle may be able to store vast amounts of information, their physical space is extremely limited. For one data center, a 2.5 MW Caterpillar 3516C backup generator was a tight fit in its basement. The real challenge surfaced when the unit was required to be fitted with a silencer...Find out how GT Exhaust delivered.
Hospital Standby Generator
Exhaust gases from their 1.5 mWe diesel generator were entering the buidling through the HVAC make-up air intakes. Along with the unpleasant odor, carbon monoxide and aldehydes were causing patients and staff to experience irritation to te eyes and nasal passages...Find out how GT Exhaust delivered
Seattle Airport
Installed near the crowded facilities of the airport’s
terminals, the generators called for an eective sound attenuation solution—a solution to dampen the sound enough that when running, noise from the generator room did not leak into the airport’s terminals...Find out how GT Exhaust delivered
Snap Lake
While creating the ideal solution was not a problem for GT Exhaust, the greatest challenge was the tight time fram. The road to the mine is made up primarily of ice, so it is only passable for six to eight weeks a year...Find out how GT Exhaust delivered
Valley Creek WWTP
The generator sets can even export power back to the utility if
needed, which means the generator system would be more active than most generator systems. A durable, effective solution was needed to meet sound requirements and withstand extensive use...Find out how GT Exhaust delivered
Union Park
The engines at Boston's Union Park facility-although effectively doing their job-needed to meet proper sound and emissions requirements. Three of the engines had been in place since the 1970s and failed to comply with regulations...Find out how GT Exhaust delivered







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